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Robero Lucanero Solo

Performing a solo concert gives me the opportunity to look at myself in the mirror publicly and see all of my wrinkles and my scars.
It lets me express my true being without fear of struggling with the defeats I have experienced in the past, without being modest about the great victories that have allowed me to continue to live, and without any shame when speaking of the hopes I have for the future.
Performing solo is an intimate act that becomes public during the concert.
It is like offering up improvised prayers in front of an audience of people; those prayers that normally we use when we are alone and we say softly or in the silence of our mind.
I began my career doing solo concerts. I will continue to perform solo with the accordion, ancient and modern organetto (portative organ and diatonic accordion), vocals, and with everything I need to "play" Roberto Lucanero for you.

Duo Bragaglia Lucanero

Roberto Lucanero: portative organ, vocals
Paolo F. Bragaglia: synthesizers, vocals

My performing duo with Paolo F. Bragaglia began as an oxymoron, as an opportunity to blend of musical extremes, and as a paradoxical way in which to explore new sounds. Basically, Paolo and I, despite being very different musicians by dint of our musical training and styles, utilize this project as a way to find potential meeting points for our different approaches. Contemporary electronic sounds merge with those of a medieval instrument (the portative organ), a highly evocative and symbolic object that has come down to modern times only through iconographic sources.
Our repertoire comprises both ancient and traditional songs: medieval saltarelli, istampitte, Ars Nova songs, new and surprising versions of traditional dances that are balanced between a gush of sound from the remote past and somewhat bolder contemporary timbres.
Our experimentation becomes a philological utopian search for the lost sound of a living tradition in our archetypal cultural being, without any form of nostalgia involved.

Duo Lucanero Meo

Roberto Lucanero: diatonic accordion, piano accordion, vocals
Marco Meo: tambourine, vocals

My duo with Marco Meo began in 2011 and has become a duo well known and appreciated among people involved with the traditional music of the Marche region.
The duo has rightly been called "minimal and maximum": the vocals, accordion and tambourine are in fact capable of transporting the audience and dancers into the traditional and magical world of the saltarello.
The saltarello is the archetypal traditional music and dancing of Marche which, according to tradition, was created in the mists of time by the fairy-handmaidens of Queen Sibyl, the fairy lady of the mountains of Marche which are still called the Monti Sibillini.
Marco and I are work together and individually as course instructors for traditional dance, diatonic accordion (me), singing and tambourine (Marco).
We have participated in at various festivals in Italy and in Europe as a duo, including the Gran Bal Trad in Vialfrè (Turin, Italy), Capodanze in Casalnuovo Monterotaro (Foggia, Italy), Festib'Alzen (Alzen, France), La Bretagne accueille l'Italie in Clohars-Carnoët (Brittany, France), Boombal (Gent, Belgium), ‘tEy (Belsele, Belgium).

Roberto Lucanero Trio

Roberto Lucanero: diatonic accordion, piano accordion, portative organ, vocals
Francesco Tesei: guitar, double bass
Domenico Candellori: percussions

The trio is my favourite form of musical workshop.
My fellow performers and I begin from an understanding of and, when necessary, with the reconstruction and revitalization of the traditional culture of my homeland, Marche. In like manner we attempt to take this traditional culture, after its self-regeneration and provide it with additional strength by feeding on different musical and cultural stimuli that are frequently quite disparate.
We walk along the past/present time axis of the territory, choosing the material we wish to work with: traditional songs and dances, my own compositions inspired by traditional music or music contained in manuscripts of the past, popular or copyrighted texts, myths, legends, and little-known historical events that took place in Marche. We then continue along an internal/external spatial axis to make arrangements and improvisations that depart from the traditional music of Marche and sometimes draw their inspiration from international sources.

De Rose, de Viole e Gerzomino

"De Rose, de Viole e Gerzomino"
Songs, dances, stories and legends of the folk tradition of Marche, between spring and summer.

Oberdan Cesanelli: storyteller
Roberto Lucanero: diatonic accordion, piano accordion, voice
Marco Meo: voice, frame drums, dance
Sara Piatanesi: dance

The nature regenerated after the winter frost slowly welcomes its ripe fruit: it's the time of love and work, passion and imagination, spirituality and myth. It's the time when the sun and the moon embrace.
A diatonic accordion player, a storyteller, a singer of folk songs and a dancer of saltarello during this event, somewhere between the concert and theatrical reading, guide the audience into the magical world and champion of the popular tradition of Marche .
The rich catalog of songs, dances, poems and narrative that constitutes the show was caught by the interpreters directly from the collective memory of the people from Marche region belonging to traditional culture or indirectly, from the works of some important masters of the past who have dedicated themselves to study activities of the same tradition, most notably Giovanni Ginobili, Luigi Mannocchi ed Antonio Gianandrea.

Roberto Lucanero e Collettivo Marchigianista

An album, a philosophy, a band ...

Lucanero Special

I have often worked with formidable groups and wonderful artists that I have had the privilege to meet during my career.
Getting in touch with other forms of expression enriches and strengthens an artist!
I am currently active as a guest or as a permanent member of some really "special" bands, like the Canzoniere Piceno-Popularia (the well known band from Marche), the Orchestrina Adriatica (a group from Marche led by Giovanni Seneca), and Pentakkordeon (an international group led by the Colombian artist Antonio Rivas).
I also frequently work on special projects with artists from various genres who I appreciate professionally and with who I am in perfect harmony humanly.