Roberto Lucanero

I have been holding conferences in Italy and abroad for many years at music festivals or at institutions devoted to music. The topics I cover in my talks take different forms depending on the situation, yet have always focused on the accordion, the diatonic accordion, the saltarello, and the traditional music of Marche.

Here below are some examples of the conferences I have held, listed by title and including a description of the setting, place and year in which they were presented:

  • La fisarmonica nel jazz (The Accordion in Jazz) at the "Premio Internazionale della Fisarmonica" in Castelfidardo (Ancona) in 1995, and at the Prague Conservatory in Prague, Czech Republic in 1996;
  • L’organetto nelle Marche centrali (The Diatonic Accordion in the Central Marche), held either as a conference or workshop for diatonic accordion players at "Capodanze" and "Zingaria" in the province of Foggia several times since 2004, and at "Che non venisse mai giorno" at Monghidoro (Bologna) in 2003;
  • La fisarmonica e l’organetto: storia, organologia, tradizione e repertorio (The Accordion and the Diatonic Accordion: history, organology, tradition and repertoire) at "Finestre del Mediterraneo" at the Casa della Musica of Trieste in 2006, and at the "Vilnius Accordion Festival" in Vilnius, Lithuania in 2008;
  • Il saltarello nelle Marche (The Saltarello in Marche) at "Musicateneo" at the University of Salerno in Salerno in 2009.

Listed below are the titles of conferences I currently present:

  • Il Ballo delle Fate.Divagazioni sul motivo del Saltarello Marchigiano. (The Dance of the Fairies: Digressions into the Background of the Saltarello from Marche). This is also the title of an essay published in 2014 by Palombi Editori and an article I wrote that was published in the Corriere Adriatico on 2 December 2012. I have held this conference several times in Marche, and also at the following events outside of my home region: "Gran Bal Trad" in Vialfrè (Turin) in 2012; "La Bretagne accueille l'Italie" at the Chapelle S.te Anne (Clohars-Carnoët) in Brittany, France in 2012; at "Fisarmonica Pazza" at the Casa d'Italia in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 2013; at the "Venerdì Sonori" of Biella Trad in Biella in 2014.
  • Dolci colli e organetti. Storie di musica tradizionale nelle Marche tra Rinascimento ed età moderna. (Gentle Hills and diatonic accordions: Stories of Traditional Music in Marche from the Renaissance to the Modern Era).

The conferences may also include "live" musical performances, listening sessions of recorded songs, video and slide projections. My conferences may be held in French or English, as well as in Italian.